Are you a foodie? Tastocup is your partner in food!

Now get your food ready to eat just in a few minutes with Tastocup. Have a healthy food cycle amidst the busy lifestyle full of hustle and bustle of professional.

We aim at helping you achieve your 'Healthy Food Goals' with our ready-to-make food variants.

Who we are?

Tastocup is a food-based manufacturing unit dedicated for all those die-hard fans of traditional Gujarati breakfast. Established in the year 2018, the idea took its shape and from when the founder of Infinity Food Solution - Mr Patel planned, drafted and strategized the pilot of this company.

Our Health Goals

The idea was simple - to enrich the nutritional values of the packaged food without compromising its taste and colour, the Journey of Tastocup began. Bent on doing something to turn good mornings to great ones, we are into producing conventional foods through modern ways.

Change your eating habits while you can

Tastocup’s kickstarting journey began in order to develop a food product that has high nutritional values. So, don’t let your body go into a survival mode just because you have one or the other reason to skip your meal, especially your morning breakfast.

Because we care

Tastocup’s production technique is unique because state-of-the-art roasting methodologies are used to revitalize important aspects of food. Tastocup is more than just a food product, a friend – a partner – a mom to bring authentic taste and great-good nostalgic breakfast memories on the table.