Vanilla Pan Cake Mix

Cake Mix

Savoured in every Indian home, it is a cake dish which is pocket-friendly and power-packed with a nutritious punch.

Egg Free

  • Prep-time
    5 Minutes
  • Serving
    Twelve serve


Refined Wheat Flour, Sugar, Rice Flour, Edible Vegitable Oil(Palm), Soya Flour, Salt, Skimmed milk powder, Leavening agent (E500(ii), E541), Antioxidents(E341(i))
Added Natural Or Natural Indetical Vanilla Falvor

Total Fat :
4.91 g
Carbohydrate :
75.60 g
Energy :
382.95 Kcal
Protein :
9.09 g
Total Sugar :
19.99 g
Dietry Fiber :
5.91 g
Sodium :
878.79 mg
Added Sugar :
18.67 g

  • Step : 1

  • Take 250ml cold water & Tastocup pouch contents in a dry & clean bowl.

  • Step : 2

  • Now whisk bowl contents for few minuts until Pan Cake batter becomes smooth & lump free.

  • Step : 3

  • Now take a no-stick pan & grease it with oil. Put it on the stove at light flame (in induction then at 60 temperature). Take 2Tbl sp ready Pan Cake batter into pan. Cook until Pan Cake get dry edges around & turn it at other side & cook until golden brown in color.